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What Is a Scalp Detox & Why Do I Need One?

You shouldn’t wash your hair everyday, but you shouldn’t ignore it either. Instead, perform a scalp detox. Scalp detoxes restore pH balance, improve itchiness, and promote growth!
You’ve probably heard in recent years that it actually isn’t a smart idea to wash your hair every single day. Yet, just as you shouldn’t be washing and conditioning each day, you shouldn’t be washing your hair just once every few months. That waiting time can be just as harmful, as it allows dirt and grime to build up, along with natural oils that can lead to scalp and follicle irritation. To maintain the health of your hair, it’s a good idea to consider undergoing a scalp detox.


What is a Scalp Detox?

A scalp detox is a process in which the scalp is massaged by hand or through brushing or exfoliation.
It helps improve the vitality of your scalp by cleansing it of:
• Dead Skin Cells
• Excessive Oil
• Product Build-Up
Performing an at-home scalp detox is the ultimate way of ridding potentially harmful bacteria from your skin. You use all-natural products that bring balance back to your skin microbiota while locking moisture within your locks. 


Why You Need a Scalp Detox

There are so many toxic beauty items and heavy metals lingering in the environment. All of these skin disruptors can get tangled up where our hair meets the scalp. Here are some of the many benefits of performing a scalp detox at-home.


Clean Your Hair

While you shouldn’t wash your hair every day, you also shouldn’t go a whole month without washing it.
As Shani Francis, M.D. told Shape,

“When you don’t shampoo regularly, product buildup becomes so dense, it blocks the opening of hair follicles, limiting the number of strands that can get out. This means a follicle that was once growing three or four strands may now sprout only one or two [1].”

Shani Fracis, M.D. to Shape
Leaving products in for days on end is a recipe for many unfavorable skin conditions. It may spark eczema or psoriasis, which would result in an itchy scalp and the appearance of dandruff.


Remove the Dead Stuff

It’s a good idea to regularly scrub your scalp to remove any dead skin, excess oil, and more. Removing the dead skin cells is a great way to allow your hair follicles to restore themselves.
It’s like trimming the dead parts of a leaf off of a plant. The plant will regenerate the leaf. Performing a scalp detox can help hair grow at a healthy and regular rate, giving your hair a fuller, more vibrant look.
If you’re looking for a deeper scrub, consider incorporating a brush that can be used in the shower. The brush’s bristles will help loosen dead skin, dirt, and excess oil without ripping all of your hairs out from their roots.


Moisturizes Scalp

Just as we drink water throughout the day to remain hydrated, our scalps need hydration just as well. While you don’t need to do it every day, it’s in your best interest to hydrate your hair once or twice a week.
Consider massaging a preferred conditioner into your scalp while allowing the conditioner to rest on the tips of your hair. Be sure to do this in dry and humid weather!


How to Do an At-Home Scalp Detox

Hair detox masks are simpler than you might think. With just a few ingredients, you can effectively create one of these masks at home.
scalp detox hair types
All you need is three ingredients:
• Bentonite Clay Powder – Provides your hair with the necessary nutrients and minerals needed to cleanse your scalp
Apple Cider Vinegar – Rich in vitamins and minerals, balance pH at scalp, great to remove dandruff
• Aloe Vera – Has essential enzymes that work to condition hair, while repairing dead skin cells
Mix everything together and apply to your hair. Allow the scalp detox hair mask to sit for about a half hour. Then, wash out with warm water and a touch of mild shampoo.


Other Ways to Perform a Scalp Detox

Making a mask isn’t the only way to detoxify your hairline. There are plenty of other remedies that don’t require a chemistry degree to perform. Here’s a few hair health tips!


Use Hair Regrowth Treatment

Capillus scalp detox
Noticing that your hair is looking thinner and your scalp is feeling dried out? It might be the right time to consider employing a hair regrowth treatment, like Callipus.
By stimulating your scalp, low-level light therapy products will improve your overall scalp health while also forcing your hair back into a regrowth stage.


Avoid Chemicals, Heat, and Processing

Hair dying products, regular blow dryer use, and certain types of hair care products can lead to significant hair and scalp damage. Avoid using any of these products if possible, or reduce their use to a minimum.
If you really want to stick to your routine and color your hair, consider seeking a healthier alternative. Talk to a beautician about organic brands. Perhaps, consider doing a DIY hair dye at home.


Choose The Right Shampoo For Your Hair Type

The application of quality shampoos, conditioners, and hair health supplements is the crux of maintaining the health of your hair.
Shampoos and conditioners across the market can help treat hair that is:
• Thin
• Fine
• Relaxed
• Curly
• Damaged
Each hair type needs specified care. The options are vast, but you want to make sure that you get a product that is right for your hair type. Otherwise, the product you’re regularly applying to your hair may lead to more damage over time.


Use the Right Comb for Your Scalp

Not all combs are made the same! It’s in your best interest to invest in two types of combs: a wide-toothed comb and a scalp scrubber.
Little things like combs matter!
Wide-toothed combs work best on dry hair, running from the root to the tip of your hair. They glide through follicles without damaging the root or pulling the hair out from the scalp. Scalp scrubbers work wonders while in the shower. Combined with water, they allow you to quickly scrub through the top of your scalp, helping to rinse out your detox mask or conditioner that’s been sitting on your head.


Try An Oil-Based Scalp Massage

People with sensitive scalps should consider massaging oil into their scalps. While we produce our own oils, adding a plant-based oil can help to detox your scalp.
Some great options include:
• Coconut
• Mineral
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Argan
Essential oils can equally be used, each having their own special benefits. Just make sure they’re diluted in the carrier oil before touching your scalp. Let the oil sit in your hair for about 15 minutes, and consider diluting it as needed.


Protect Your Scalp from the Sun

hat for scalp protection
Heading out in the sun? Wear a hat! Not only can excessive sun exposure cause hair loss, but it can lead to damage to the scalp, sometimes contributing to skin cancer. If you still have a full head of hair, consider using a powder sunscreen if you’re going hatless. Otherwise, put on a straw hat in the summer or a thick cap in the winter to protect your scalp and shelter your head.


Talk to a Professional

Worried that you won’t have the perfect treatment at home? Concerned that you don’t know what’s right for your scalp? It might be time to visit a dermatologist.
After a thorough examination, a dermatologist can tell you what’s going on with your scalp. From here, they can either offer either medical treatments to help remedy the issue or recommend home treatments that would work best for your scalp type.



What’s going on outside is a reflection of what’s going on inside. Our gut bacteria communicate with the bacteria that are on our skin through the gut-skin-axis. This conversation extends to the scalp.
When we’re overrun with pathogenic bacteria, it causes inflammation in the body. This inflammation might manifest in symptoms of poor skin health, including itchiness and flakiness.


Take Care of Your Hair with a Scalp Detox

The base of beautiful hair begins at its roots in the scalp. Make sure you treat your scalp as well as you do your hair. Then you will see a profound change in the health of your locks.
Choose any scalp detox treatment and see how it works for you. If you don’t like the results, try another. Don’t perform one every day, but a couple of times per week until you get the desired results.


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[1] Monsma, Genevieve. “Use Dry Shampoo? Your Scalp Needs a Serious Detox.” Shape, 2020,

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