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Working From Home Woes: Maintaining Your Mental Health During Stay-At-Home

Working from home can be a difficult transition for people. It may cause procrastination, poor diet habits, or depression. Here are some tips for separating work from home during shelter in place.
Over the past years, the popularity of remote work has increased. It occupies a leading position in the ranking of desired work among the employees. A top social media marketing company, Buffer, took a survey that found 99% of people wanted to try working from home at least part-time in 2019 [1]. This demand has only risen during the pandemic.
Unfortunately, in connection with such circumstances, working from home results in a lack of communication. As a result, they are concerned about depression, as well as other psychological problems. We want to provide you with information to help maintain your psychological state in a healthy condition during remote work at home [2].


Working From Home Mental Health Tips

Home used to be our sanctuary away from work. Now, working from home has blurred the lines, almost annihilating work-life-balance. The claustrophobic-like grip work can have on you has now entered your sanctuary. Here are some tips for your mental health as we all adjust to a life of working from home.


Take Breaks From Work and Technology

Try to change your environment. When you want to have a cup of coffee or eat some dinner, don’t do it at the same spot where you work. Also, don’t rely on your phone and laptop while you take these breaks. Use these moments to take your mind off anything associated with your job and reboot your brain.
Consider adopting the Pomodoro Technique,

“The Pomodoro Technique calls for work sessions of 25 minutes followed by a five-minute break, with a 15-minute break at least once every two hours [3].

Also, do not forget that when your working day comes to an end, you should leave everything as it is and change your occupation. In your free time, spend your leisure socializing with people.


Schedule Your Free Time

Most likely, sitting in the same room will be detrimental to your physical health. Therefore, plan your schedule. Make the best use of your time.

working from home

Plan when you:
• Go for a Walk
• Grocery Shop
• Pick Up Household Goods
• Do Laundry
• Prep Dinner
Do Yoga
Knowing what to expect allows for less stress. You can make sure there is enough time to get things done and leave little room for procrastination.
Also, if you’re running low on time, don’t cut out the cardio. It has been proven that strengthening one’s physical health is directly related to the psychological state [4]. So, make sure you you pencil in some much-needed exercise time.


Positive Thinking

working from home

Working from home is an excellent opportunity that employees often dream of while spending their time in the company’s office. Would it be better if you were sitting in the office now, or is it much better to stay at home and do your business here?
“There’s a basic law that says: similar things attract each other. Negative thinking attracts negative results. Conversely, if a person thinks with optimism and hope, one’s positive thinking creates a movement of creative force and success flow towards him.” – says Ben Grant, a writer at


Stay In Touch With Loved Ones

working from home
Remember that you should stay at home and keep in touch with your loved ones and friends. You can’t have your only social interactions be with coworkers discussing the job over Zoom. Maintaining a healthy relationship with people you trust is important to your mental health.
Have a House Party happy hour with friends. FaceTime your parents. Email your aunt and uncle you haven’t talked to in six months. Text your old college roommate. Create connections!



meditate to boost your immune system

Speaking of connections, connect with yourself. Work causes us our heads to spin. Now, we’re dirtying up our home with that negative energy. Cleanse the area by cleansing your mind through meditation.
Just as you shouldn’t eat where you work, don’t meditate there. Get away from the area with a clearer perspective. Not only will you will feel mentally rejuvenated, but you’ll probably come up with more creative solutions to work-related problems.


Find a Hobby


Do more of what you love. Think of a forgotten musical instrument, drawing, or any other favorite thing and give it at least the tiniest part of your free time.
Hone our hobby. There are many free tutorials and courses on the Internet. People often come up with inventive ways to do something, such as arranging online pub quizzes and music concerts.


Proper Nutrition


gut health diet

Nutrition is an important component of physical health. It is not enough just to make a sandwich, drink tea, or eat fast carbohydrates all the time. You must find an adequate balance of high-quality protein, complex carbohydrates, and fatty acids.
Whenever we experience nutrient deficiency or an excess of inflammatory foods, it causes stress on the system. This manifests as stress on our gut and mind. In turn, we’ll perceive everyday tasks, such as work, more strenuous.


Good Gut Health

working from home


Working from home is like a free ticket to sit around in your own funk. You become even more sedentary because you’re in comfy clothes and eating loads of cereal. All of these decisions may compromise your gut health.
Your gut and mind are connected via the gut-brain-axis. When we have poor gut health, opportunistic bacteria will take over. In turn, they will disrupt the microbiome, ultimately, disrupting your mind set.
Consider getting your gut tested to determine which stomach bacteria are taking over your system. From there, use a custom probiotic from Thryve to bring balance back to your gut biome.


Maintaining Mental Health While Working From Home

working from home
We are in this together.

Do not forget that remote work has both advantages and disadvantages. Both of these pros and cons may affect your psychological state. Keep these tips in mind. Remember to focus on changing your emotional state by getting your gut health intact. Working from home is the only way millions of us can make a living. Don’t let it be at the detriment of your emotional and physical health.


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