Summertime Gladness – Why Our Probiotics Are Shipped on Ice in Summer

Summertime and the living’s easy…Okay, maybe not easy for all, but certainly HOT for most! It’s so hot that we, as living beings feel like we are cooking.

pouring water over head, hot day, water While we are luckily able to withstand some pretty high temperatures, other living things out there can’t.

Like probiotics.

In fact , one study found that out of 20 store-bought probiotic supplements,” 30% of the samples had contaminants (nondesirable organisms), and 20% of the brands showed no growth (viability).” That means living cultures that are supposed to be hitting your gut are dead on arrival in 20% of the brands out there!

We most certainly do not want to be one of those statistics.

In the summertime, we treat our probiotics like the best champagne…on ice! We take that extra step to ensure that the bacteria intended to grow in your gut is given a chance to #ThryveInside!

Let’s take a look at what are probiotics, why we ship them on ice in the summer, and how you too, can #ThryveInside.

What are Probiotics?

To understand why our ice-enshrined shipment is a game-changer in the probiotics world, you must understand what probiotics are in the first place. They are the gut-friendly bacteria that we need to keep the bad bacteria from taking over.

Probiotics can be naturally found in many foods and beverages including:

However, there’s a good chance that these foods are not regularly integrated with your diet. In fact, if you follow the Standard American Diet (SAD), then there is a good chance that you probably have some gut health-related issues.

turkey leg america

That’s because bacteria are living microorganisms that live in your body. They need to be fed healthy food in order to flourish.

Probiotics rely on prebiotics that come from fruits and veggies. However, the SAD is very meat-and-potatoes heavy and fills up to the point where we don’t eat our prebiotics. Therefore, the probiotics in your system aren’t getting the nutrition they need to survive.

What is Hurting Our Gut Bacteria?

Combining a poor diet with many of the everyday choices of today’s fast-paced lifestyle, it can lead to a decrease of beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Some of the factors that may hurt the good bacteria in your gut, and open the door for free radicals to set up shop, include:

This doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of all the reasons our gut bacteria has been on a steady decline across the nation.  However, being aware of the problem is the first step to remedying it.

Why Take Probiotics?

Seeing as we all can check a box or two when it comes to situations that cause healthy bacteria in the gut to become compromised, there’s a good chance we all suffer from less-than-perfect gut health. The best way to ensure a healthy microbiome is to be proactive and feed probiotics to your gut.

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Benefits of taking probiotics may include one or many of the following:

While there is a treasure trove more benefits of probiotics, if the supplements are dead inside the capsule, then they are utterly useless. Instead of risking the quality of our product, we take the added measure of shipping the probiotics on ice so that they remain fresh upon arrival rather than dead.

Why Pack Probiotics on Ice?

We get iced so that you have a fresh product. As Thryve CEO, Richard Lin, explained in an interview with the #ThryveInside blog,  “We decided to ship on ice during hotter seasons so that we can ensure the highest quality probiotic is delivered right to our customer’s door. The ice packs better protect the CFU (Colony-Forming-Units) within each probiotic capsule.”

The CFU refers to the number of live (as well as active) microorganisms that are available in each serving of probiotic supplements that you take. A CFU indicates how many probiotics you can expect to colonize good bacteria inside your microbiome. Hence the colony-forming part of CFU.

As Richard summed up the process, “In short, we keep the little probiotic bacteria alive during transport.”

How to Ship Probiotics on Ice

Obviously if the probiotics arrived at you door surrounded by ice cubes, you’d have a big, wet mess on your hands!

game victory ice

Luckily, you won’t have that issue when our probiotics arrive “on ice.”

That’s because our probiotic shipping packs contain a denim-insulated interior. This innovative shipping method allows the probiotics and ice pack to stay intact and cool.

How to Store Your Probiotics

Seeing as we went through all the added measure of shipping your probiotics on ice, you might want to follow up so that your supplement remains potent. As Richard urged, “We encourage all customers to refrigerate their probiotic on arrival. ”

Just like when you buy a bunch of produce, the way to get your food to last longer is to put it in the fridge. Produce, like probiotics, is a living thing. As soon as the veggies are picked (or in the probiotics case encapsulated), they start to die.

rotten peach

The oxidation process begins, and nutritional value slowly declines.

Refrigerating your probiotics will slow down an already slow dying process. It will prolong the freshness and potency of your supplement. However, if you didn’t take these extra steps, your probiotics supplement is not rendered useless.

As Richard summed up, “Our probiotics have shown to withstand room temp for up to 2 years and >90 degrees for 4 weeks without affecting CFU counts and potency.”

So, what are you waiting for? The summer is here. Get your probiotics fresh (and personalized). Take our online quiz and get a free month of personalized probiotics supplements. Use the promo code FREEMONTH when checking out.