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Read This if You’ve Taken Antibiotics 💊

What if the very thing that was supposed to help you ended up being the one to cause the most harm? That’s what the CEO of Thryve Probiotics, Richard Lin, found out after a round of antibiotics sent him to the ER.
The thing is, antibiotics did the trick. They are prescribed to wipe out bacteria. It does this task as flawless as Kevin Durant on a three-point line. Antibiotics wipe out all the harmful microbes…and the good ones too.
Ever taken antibiotics and find yourself with a horrible case of diarrhea? Up to 20% of people who take antibiotics do (do…sorry couldn’t help it!). Seeing as there are 47 million unnecessary antibiotic scripts written each year, that’s a lot of diarrhea!
With Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea (AAD), a lot of good bacteria goes down the drain. After the antibiotics are done doing their thing, your gut has a clean slate. That means your belly is fair game. In these moments, harmful bacteria known as Clostridium difficile seizes the day! And you seize…the toilet.
Every hero needs a sidekick. If you are on a round of antibiotics, are going on some, or have been on them recently, you need to strengthen your gut health. Don’t learn the hard way like Richard. Take your probiotic supplement today.

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