Product Update #6

Hello Fellow Thryvers,

We’ve been hard at work these past few months and are super excited to announce the latest redesign of your Thryve Gut Health Dashboard

With this new look and feel, you’ll find that all your favorite features are now much more intuitive and accessible.

Gut Score – A quick glance of your overall gut health

Premium – Premium insights with a switch of a button

Kit Status – Easily check on the status of your samples

Personalized Probiotics – Details on your personalized blend

Personalized Food Plan – Take action with our food recs

Your Bacteria Level – Which bacteria to optimize on

Symptom Likeliness – Potential health symptoms you’re facing

My Gut Bacteria – Explore the world of the gut microbiome

Easy Access

Open your new dashboard and directly see what matters the most, your Gut Score. For first-time customers and re-testers, you’ll be able to see where you sample is in the sequencing process through our Kit Status card. Contribute to on-going gut health research through our surveys and receive discounts. Lastly, access your Premium insights and dive deeper into your gut health journey with a dozen other health reports.

Take Action

Improving your gut health requires dietary changes! Our new Personalized Probiotics and Food Plan cards are front and center to remind you to take action. We’ve made it even easier to review your probiotic recommendations and order your personalized Thryve probiotic blend. Getting ready to prep a meal or pick up groceries? Jump into our Food Recommendations to make the optimal choices for your gut health!

Microbiome Insights

We’ve organized your Gut Microbiome Reports all in one place. Explore your bacteria levels and how they correlate with your health and symptoms you may be facing. Educate yourself on the various bacteria residing in your gut and see how you compare with healthy averages to determine what you need to improve on. Lastly, get ready to explore the entire ecosystem of bacteria with the My Gut Bacteria card. Enjoy!