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Product Update #5

Hello Fellow Thryvers,

We are excited to announce a new release for Premium subscribers to Thryve’s Gut Health program. With this new release, you are now able to explore:

Family Tree – Explore the taxonomic rank of each bacteria
Intestinal Permeability – Worried about suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome? It is more common than most people know
Vitamin Production – Our bodies require vitamins to function. How well our body processes these nutrients depends on the diversity of microbes consuming them
Cardiovascular Health – Having healthy gut bacteria can help reduce buildup in your arteries and improve cardio health
Autoimmunity – An unhealthy diet leads to an unhealthy microbiota, which weakens protection from developing autoimmune diseases 


View the hierarchy of bacteria inside your personal ecosystem.


We all have some form of Leaky Gut Syndrome because of the way our bodies are designed. Our gut barrier is produced by clusters of proteins known as tight junctions. After our intestines break down food, nutrients get released through tiny gaps between these proteins. Chronic inflammation caused by poor diet and harmful stomach bacteria can make the tight junctions to widen. As a result, toxins and undigested food particles have easier access to the stomach, causing a leaky gut.


Vitamins are the catalysts for everyday functions. Everyone knows that they are a necessary element in a healthy lifestyle and there are many ways to get them. One of the most common ways is through vitamin supplements; however, what many people don’t know is that your body won’t absorb all the nutrients. By increasing the diversity of your microbiome, you can improve the percentage of nutrients that get absorbed from vitamins by increasing bioavailability. Not only does the diversity of our microbiome improve the absorption of nutrients, but it also will improve everything from your immune system to your skin conditions to weight problems.


Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death around the world. The primary contributor to heart disease is atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is when calcium buildups in the arteries create a thick plaque that restricts blood flow to and from the heart. Gut bacteria metabolites are capable of opening up these passageways, improving your cardio health.

Nobody precisely knows what causes autoimmunity. Our immune system is an intricate network designed to keep our bodies safe from potential attackers. These bad guys come in many forms, including free radicals, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses. Unfortunately, these intruders can adapt to survive an immune attack. In turn, confused immune cells may begin to destroy healthy cells and tissues. These reactions lead to the development of an autoimmune disorder.

Thryve Probiotics Gut Health

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