Product Update #4

Hello Fellow Thryvers,

We are excited to announce a new release for Premium subscribers to Thryve’s Gut Health program. With this new release, you are now able to explore:

Inflammation – Details on Butyrate, Polyamines, and Propionate production
Food Intolerance – Learn about potential allergies to Lactose, Gluten, and Artificial Sweeteners
Metabolism – Insights into how your bacteria metabolizes Fats, Carbohydrates, and Proteins
Sleep Hormones – efficacy of GABA and Serotonin production in your body


Inflammation is the root of all disease. Whether it’s flaky skin, achy joints, or a crampy stomach, there’s inflammation burrowing at the core. The cause of inflammations? A poor microbiome.

The largest culprit to food sensitivities fall on lactose, gluten, and artificial sweeteners. Naturally, our bodies have a hard time digesting these sugars and proteins. Thankfully, our gut bacteria helps take some of this burden off our body by digesting these sugars and proteins. However, some folks are missing key bacteria for digestion which results in gastrointestinal and inflammatory symptoms.


You hear a lot about your metabolism. Some look to speed it up while other adults claim they miss it. But, what is metabolism? It’s actually an overarching name for an umbrella of processes. Our metabolism is how our cells break down energy and convert them into nutrients, break down toxins to be removed from the system, and how they affect other biological processes.

Sleep is something that everyone wants more of, yet many have a hard time getting. Whether a lack of sleep is caused by a restless-sleeping partner, kids that won’t sleep, or that one train that runs behind your house, one large factor in the quality of sleep we get is based off of the hormones that are released within our body. Often times in the wake of stressful seasons, our bodies produce hormones that negatively effect our sleep. Our bodies will naturally produce these hormones during times of stress so this needs to be counteracted in one way or another.