Product Update #2

Hello Fellow Thryvers,

We are excited to announce a new release to Thryve’s Gut Health program.

With this new release, you are now able to:

✓ Guidance on how to navigate and receive the most benefit from your gut health report
✓ Receive deeper insights into your personalized probiotic formula (ie: why we recommended them and how they will benefit your health)

Guided Tour

With our new guided tour feature, you’ll have complete step-by-step guidance on how to read your report and take action.

Click on the guided tour button to get started
Learn how each feature helps your accomplish your gut health goals

Probiotic Recommendations

With our release, you now get the new and improved probiotic recommendations report. You’ll be able to dive into each strain in your personalized formulation and discover which are lacking in your gut sample and how they may benefit your health.

Explore the probiotic strains in your personalized formula
Dive deeper to explore the exact health benefits you would receive from each strain

We hope you enjoyed our update and we can’t wait to have you give us a test run. If you have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected]

If you’d like to start your journey to better gut health, feel free to check out our Gut Health Program.

The Thryve Inside Team