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5 Tricks to Biohack Your Gut Health

No matter what the task is, those of us in the technology age agree looking to accomplish two things–do-it-yourself and do it as efficiently as possible. Meeting these goals has given birth to a movement known as life hacks. When you are looking to improve your wellness, the most useful of these tips is to biohack your gut health.


What Does Biohack Your Gut Health Mean?

To biohack your gut health means you don’t take “I don’t know” for an answer. It’s taking a vigilante approach to your health by making the changes necessary to live the life you want to live.
Biohack your gut health for less stressWhen you biohack your gut health, you make changes on a molecular level for the positive. Hence the whole bio part.
These changes happen every day, but not all of the outcomes are so beneficial for the gut biome.
Alterations to your intestinal flora are based on a number of things including the foods we eat and the stress we feel. However, there is more you can do for your microbes that will help you biohack your gut health fo the better.
While you should still discuss any changes in your daily routine with your doctor, when you biohack your gut health, you make safe changes to your regimen than can improve your everyday life.


Why Should You Biohack Your Gut Health?

Biohacking is not necessarily a cure for gut health. However, it can improve aspects that are related to gut health. Therefore, biohacking your gut health can see many positive changes in all areas of your life.
Like what you see

Reasons to biohack your gut health include:
• Improving Gastrointestinal Distress
• Fighting off Acid Reflux
• Boosting Mental Health
• Clearing Up Skin Problems
• Building Muscle
• Up Sexual Desire
• Strengthening Your Immune System
• Increase Chances of Fertility
• Gaining Control of Weight
These are just some of the few benefits you may feel when you biohack your gut health.

How to Biohack Your Gut Health Safely

Biohacking your gut health comes in many forms. On one end of the spectrum, you have the dangerous ways. These are extreme examples like when you inject yourself with an untested chemical to see what happens. We don’t condone these ways to biohack your gut health.
Instead, we look at tech, science, and nutrition. Through these lenses, we found some of the ultimate ways to biohack your gut health safely. Let’s take a look at five.


Eat a Variety of Foods in a Healthy Gut Diet Plan

The overseers of your gut health are the microbes living in your gut biome. These living beings range from beneficial probiotic stomach bacteria to opportunistic pathogens like fungi. To keep the balance on the side of probiotics, you need to make the environment of your gut biome unsuitable for harmful intestinal flora.

A rainbow of gut health

Achieving this task is easier than ever. All you need to do is consume a variety of foods over various colors. The best way to accomplish this is by adding more fruits and veggies to your diet.
Those who follow a healthy gut diet plan rich in fruits and vegetables get plenty of fiber. This fiber not only helps you eliminate toxins from your system, but it also feeds the probiotics in your gut.
Many whole foods serve as prebiotics for probiotics. They contain the nutrients necessary to help your probiotic bacteria prosper. In addition, they contain thousands of micronutrients that are necessary for everything from DNA generation to fighting off free radicals to serving as antioxidants.
For the best chances of biohacking your gut health, eat a variety of foods that have a spectrum of colors. Each pigment signifies a different nutrient is more abundant in one food in comparison to another. That’s why sweet potatoes are orange (beta-carotene) and kale is green (chlorophyll).


Track Your Progress with DeepH

There is no doubt that exercise is essential for your gut health. After all, moving around will help shed the excess weight around your gut lining, which in turn will improve your energy output and take some of that clutter around your waistline away.
However, many of us find it difficult to keep up with these new lifestyle changes.
Thankfully, DeepH has the technology to make it easier.
DeepH is the ultimate way to organize your gut health improvement program.
This app keeps track of everything from your daily activities to your vitals.
Based on your activity levels and wellness goals, they offer actionable feedback that will help you biohack your gut health.


Meditation For Gut Health With DeepH

Furthermore, DeepH has an exclusive meditation tracker. This function comes complete with authentic Amazonian shamanic music. Meditating helps lower cortisol levels in the system. When we are under immense stress, it alters the microbes in our gut biome negatively.
One study found,

“Exposure to stress led to changes in composition, diversity and number of gut microorganisms, according to scientists from The Ohio State University. The bacterial communities in the intestine became less diverse, and had greater numbers of potentially harmful bacteria, such as Clostridium [1].”

By using DeepH, you can make meditation about your daily routine. Ease in the practice and before you know it, you will biohack your gut health!


Use All-Natural Supplements

The typical diet is not conducive to gut health. It’s rich in fatty, fried, and heavily processed foods that clog up the gut lining. As a result, we feel full from foods that are not nutrient-dense. In turn, you gain more fat around your gut lining, experience gastrointestinal distress, and may even suffer mental health issues.
supplements to biohack your gut health
Go all natural for supplements
Supplements are a safe and easy way to biohack your gut health.
One simple capsule can hold several nutrients lacking in a typical diet.
Add all-natural supplements to your healthy gut diet plan for a non-habit forming, simple way to kickstart your microbiome.
Here are some suggestions for all-natural supplements to try when you biohack your gut health:
 Supplements for Depression
Supplements for Leaky Gut Syndrome
•  Microbiome Health
As you can see, a number of supplements may overlap. That’s much in thanks to the many facets of our system that gut health influences. Please take a look at our free Gut Health Guides to learn more.


Get Outside

Staying cooped up inside all day is doing a number to our health. That’s because 65% of us are deficient of Vitamin D [2]. This essential vitamin is crucial in a number of biological functions, including fighting off the prevalence of IBS.
Thryve Gut Health Program
Get outside for gut health

We tend to get our Vitamin D intake from the sun, so long days in the cubicle is putting our gut health in a daze. This concept is further confirmed by research involving nature and the gut biome.
Research suggests,

“Early-life exposure to microbe-rich environments may be beneficial for human health by increasing the gut bacterial species pool. The “microbial old friends” hypothesis, posits microbe-rich environments are a source of beneficial microbes that promote gut microbiota diversity reducing inflammatory disease risk [3].”

Front Microbiol
This study also shows that the perfect biohack for the gut health of your young one is breastfeeding. By breastfeeding, you are giving probiotics for kids directly from the mother’s gut biome into the child’s.
This practice can help ease them into living outside of the womb. So, mothers, be sure to go outside while you are pregnant and go for walks with your child after they are born.


Microbiome Testing

Can you really biohack your gut health without actually hacking your gut health? Now you can, with no machetes necessary! All you need is the Thryve Gut Health Program. We send you the sanitary equipment necessary to test your gut biome.
Just use our Thryve Gut Health Gut Test Kit to swab a sample from your toilet paper. Then, mail the vial with sample back to us. Our microbiome testing experts can determine which intestinal flora are in your gut biome. Based on the results, we ship you personalized probiotics supplements every month.
Microbiome testing is the ultimate biohack for gut health because it takes out the guesswork. We get to the root cause and come up with an actionable plan.


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