How to Improve Gut Health Naturally in 5 Easy Steps

A lifetime of gastrointestinal distress, indigestion, and ultimately, Leaky Gut Syndrome, is not a life to live. Scouting out bathrooms, feeling constipated, and looking for relief from bloating is an exhaustive way to go through our already stressful days. If you are wondering how to improve gut health naturally, look no further. Here are five easy steps on how to get rid of bad bacteria in the gut and rebuild gut flora beneficial to your microbiome.


Why You Should Learn How to Improve Gut Health Naturally

In the world of Amazon Prime, Uber, and Grub Hub, we have grown accustomed to having everything we want with a snap of finger. With this convenience has come an inconvenient truth for our gut biome.
Modern day luxuries are destroying beneficial intestinal bacteria. In turn, harmful microbes are setting up shop in our gut biome and are causing us a litany of stomach disorders.


What is Hurting Our Beneficial Intestinal Flora?

Companies are cashing in on our ever-growing sense of urgency. They’ve made everything to-go, full of preservatives, and void of nutrients.
Modern conveniences that are hurting our gut health include:
• Stress
Exposure to Plastics
• Low Stomach Acid
Rounds of Antibiotics
• Hormones and Pesticides in Factory Farming
Food Sensitivities to Gluten
• Exposure to Toxins
Too Much Sugar
• Microwaves
These are just some of the many things disrupting our gut health that we never even considered in the first place.
As you can see in the links provided, there are many scientific studies that point out how these everyday items may cause an adverse reaction in our gut biome. So, why are these companies creating products that cause such gastrointestinal distress? Let’s dive a bit deeper into what you should look out for if you are wondering how to improve gut health naturally.
There is no denying that taking care of yourself isn’t the cheapest endeavor in the world. Part of what makes modern conveniences is that they are cheap to make. Therefore, the manufacturer can create them at a profit. That is why we have plastic in deli wraps and gluten fillers in soup stocks.
So much plastic, so little gut health

Since the products are cheaper for the manufacturers to make, they can sell them to vendors for cheap. Companies are looking to maximize profits, getting cheaper-produced products is more cost-effective for vendors than getting higher-quality products that may not destroy intestinal flora.
That trickle down effect makes these harmful products readily available everywhere. This placement is convenient for you because you can easily swing by the gas station to get a coffee in a Styrofoam cup on the way to work or microwave a quick dinner before you have to drop the kids off at practice.
These decisions may make life easier in the short-term, but it’s doing long-term damage to your intestinal bacteria. If you want to learn how to improve gut health naturally, follow these five tips.
Now that you are aware of some of the triggers that may be setting off bouts of gastrointestinal distress, you are now ready to learn how to improve gut health naturally.


How to Improve Gut Health Naturally: 5 Gut Biome Friendly Tips



Graphic created by Lifeway Foods.

You have the who’s, the what’s, and the why’s. Now, it’s time to learn how to improve gut health naturally. There are so many little factors that are adversely affecting your gut biome. The best thing to do is follow these five tips and see how your GI problems respond.
If your gastrointestinal distress goes to the wayside, you are on the right track toward figuring out how to get rid of bad bacteria in the gut. Before you dive right in, try these five tips.


Follow an Elimination Diet for a Healthy Gut Diet Plan

For those following an Elimination Diet, you are going to remove anything that has shown to be a common allergen during the digestion of food for humans. Also known as the Whole 30, the Elimination Diet is a lot like the Paleo Diet, where you are going to what was on this earth long before the industrial revolution.


Why Follow Elimination Diet For Gut Health

The number one disruptor of our microbiome is food. With food sensitivities up 500% over the last 50 years, it’s a no-brainer that our food is making a sick [1]. That’s a stark contrast from the days of the past where food was medicine for our ancestors.
This juxtaposition is why going back to basics is the best way how to improve gut health naturally. Remove potential antagonists from your meal plan if you’re trying to follow a healthy gut diet plan.
Therefore, you will be eliminating the following foods:
So hard to say no
• Sugar & Artificial Sweeteners – Feed Harmful Bacteria
• Alcohol & Stimulants – Destroy Intestinal Flora
• Grain – Exposure to Gluten, #1 Allergy
• Legumes – Full of Lectins, Complicate the Digestion of Food
• Dairy (Except Ghee) – #2 Allergen, Lactose, Inflames Gut Biome
• Baked Foods – Filled with Gluten & Sugar
These sort of dietary restrictions make it harder for any following a plant-based diet. Therefore, if are a vegan with SIBO or want to develop a Paleo Vegan Diet, we have resources that can help curb GI problems while helping to rebuild gut flora.


Cleaning Water and Restoring Gut Flora

tap water
A splash of bad gut health

Water is essential for life. That’s why it should be alarming is why this important resource is tampered with so much? Let’s start off with how water is treated and the implications they may have on someone is wondering how to improve gut health naturally.
Most of our water sources have at least fluoride in it. However, as the world saw firsthand with the Flint water crisis, there are far more heavy metals and toxins in public water supplies.
These toxic substances are doing a number to her overall health including the microbes present inside of our gut biome.
A study looking at how heavy metals may alter microorganisms in soil found,

“It is well established that toxic effects of heavy metals are highly selective in the higher organisms. Specific organ targeting was shown for mercury and silver in invertebrates. Indications of specific inhibitory action of heavy metals have been produced in microbes as well [2].”

Int J Environ Res Public Health
Seeing as our body is made of trillions of microbes, this should raise a red flag. After all, it only takes a rogue immune cell to cause autoimmune disease or loose neuron to spark a seizure or one bad apple to ruin the bunch. Altering a few microbes at a time can lead to a long-term disaster down the road.
Due to all of these findings, it’s better to be safe than say. Get a filter to put on your tap. From there, fill that water into a BRITA Filter. This double filtration will ensure that toxic metals are removed from your drinking supply so you can start rebuilding gut flora.


The Plastic Water Problem

Plastic water bottles are super convenient. They’re also very dangerous for those wondering how to improve gut health naturally. Most of our water bottles are made with bisphenol A (BPA).
bottled water
Bottled: The Life you want?
Research on BPA has shown that the inorganic molecules in its makeup can leach into water and blood in our system [3]. The particles in BPA mimic estrogen in our system.
As women who menstruate each month can attest, excess estrogen builds up fat around the gut lining. That involuntary reaction is our body getting ready for a fetus. If there’s no fetus, that will turn to fat tissue that will disrupt your gut biome and intestinal bacteria.
Furthermore, men don’t need more estrogen. That may be why there’s been a 40% increase in cases of male infertility over the last 50 years [4]. Our reliance on bottled water is wearing away at our hormones.
Furthermore, don’t be lured by BPA-free products. Research shows that 72% of 455 non-BPA plastic products also contain endocrine disruptors [5]. So, instead of opting for plastic, get a stainless steel bottle or pour water into a glass cup.


Cut the Stress for Gastrointestinal Distress

You can’t spell gastrointestinal distress without stress. Stress is horrible for the system. In fact, research shows that stress can alter intestinal bacteria [6].
Actual portrait of you?
When we are under stress, it triggers an immune response in our body. The first step of the innate immune system is to create inflammation. Our body’s gut instinct (no pun intended) is to set the problems on fire and ask questions later.
Unfortunately, when we develop chronic stress, there is no later. Chronic stress breeds more stress which breeds chronic inflammation. If your gut biome never stops being inflamed, there is no how to improve gut health naturally. You must put that fire out by curbing stress.


Yoga For Stress

Yoga is a great way to take your stress levels down a notch. It’s the action of marrying breath to movement. Therefore, your mind isn’t wandering, stressing about all the things you need to do. Instead, you are forced to be in the moment. This break allows you to hit the reset button. Plus, yoga is ideal for GI problems, too!


Keep A Gratitude Journal

It’s hard to feel stress when you’re in a state of gratitude. Keeping a gratitude journal allows you to put your reality in perspective. To get into the habit of keeping a gratitude journal, leave it next to your bedside. Each morning, write something you are grateful for down. Starting your day off with positive energy will help you get off on the right foot and be the key for how to improve gut health naturally.


Essential Oils To De-Stress

Essential oils are not health and beauty mumbo-jumbo. Aromatherapy is an actual science and many studies corroborate that some essential oils have a calming effect [7].
When you inhale the volatile oils, the compounds (terpenes) trigger the olfactory bulb in the brain. This stimulation causes the olfactory bulb to relay a positive message back to the mind. As a result, dealing with your boss, getting your project in on time, or fighting with an ex may seem less stressful.
Try using organic essential oils for calming the nerves and rebuilding gut flora:
how to improve gut health naturally with lavender essential oil

• Lavender
• Roman Chamomile
• Spearmint
• Patchouli
• Bergamot
• Lemon
• Ylang Ylang
Get a diffuser and add a few drops with distilled water so the therapeutic vapors float in the atmosphere. Otherwise, you can inhale directly from the bottle. Just be careful putting essential oils on your skin. If you do, mix with a thicker carrier oil like jojoba oil or sweet almond oil.


Go Outside

There’s a reason why research suggests kids who roll around in dirt have a stronger immune system than those who don’t [8]. Remember those microorganisms destroyed by plastic and heavy metals? They also help boost your gut biome.
The key to how to improve gut health naturally is to make your microbes as diverse as possible. To do this, you need to leave your regular quarters. Expose yourself to microbes in nature and you will learn how to improve gut health naturally.


Vitamin D and GI Problems

We live such sedentary lives and are inside all day. Therefore, we are missing out on an essential vitamin, Vitamin D. Our system relies on the sunlight for some essential internal functions. That is why Vitamin D is such an effective supplement for IBS.


Exercise and Intestinal Bacteria


Furthermore, going for a walk moves the microbes in our gut biome about. That causes them to bump into one another, triggering chemical reactions. When this happens, the intestinal bacteria create diversity within the system.
There is so much research suggesting there is a deep connection between exercise and the human gut microbiota. Seeing as we live such a sedentary existence, it is no wonder that one-third of the population is considered overweight [9]. Being overweight makes you more susceptible to suffering from GI problems, causing you to wonder how to improve gut health naturally.


Microbiome Testing and Personalized Probiotics

Want to know how to improve gut health naturally? You need to figure out how to get rid of bad bacteria in the gut. The only way to do this is to figure out which intestinal flora is in your gut biome. That can be accomplished with Thryve Microbiome Testing.
Gut Health Test Kit
Everything You Need for How to Improve Gut Health Naturally


Our At-Home Gut Test delivers you everything you need to test your gut biome discreetly and in a sanitary fashion. After we receive your sample, our specialists conduct state-of-the-art microbiome testing. Our technology can pinpoint over 4,000 microbes. Based on the results of your microbiome testing, we can then figure out which beneficial bacteria your system needs.
Thryve personalized probiotics take out the guesswork. We don’t give you a generic gut health supplement and hope for the best. Each supplement is tailored to the gut biome of the person using it. From there, we formulate a healthy gut diet plan that will feed your intestinal flora. That is the ultimate way how to improve gut health naturally.
Ready to improve gut health naturally? Enroll in the Thryve Gut Health Program today.

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