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Welcome to our Gut Health Guides. Here you can learn about the different ways gut health influences our day-to-day lives. Each one of our Ultimate Gut Health Guides are comprehensive and FREE.  

Ultimate Guide to Gut-Brain-Axis

The gut is known as the second brain. However, it might just be the one that’s actually in charge. Within your gut lies an ecosystem of microbes that influence every aspect of your everyday life. This profound impact includes your mental health and mood.

Ultimate Guide to Gut-Weight-Axis

It should be no secret that there is a strong correlation between the gut and your weight. High caloric intake and lack of physical activity are primary culprits in weight gain. However, excess weight gain over a prolonged period can mean there’s more than just your physical appearance at stake.

Ultimate Guide to Gut-Skin-Axis

Beauty is skin deep. What we project on the outside represents what’s going on inside. That’s why those with skin conditions tend to also suffer from gastrointestinal distress and stomach problems. If you are experiencing issues with your hair, skin, and nails, then your gut health might be to blame.

Ultimate Guide to Gut-Immune-Axis

Our body produces immune cells that help our body fight off intruders such as inflammations, free radicals, and viruses. However, 80% of these cells come from our microbiome.

Ultimate Guide to Healing a Leaky Gut

Perhaps no condition is more common than Leaky Gut Syndrome. After all, Harvard says that all have “some degree of it. [*]” Leaky Gut Syndrome is a vague term used to describe damage to your gut lining. In reality, Leaky Gut Syndrome opens the door for bacterial infections and autoimmune disease.

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