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Finally, Have Your 🎂…And Eat It Too!

Raise your hand if you love cake! Sadly, 65% of us can’t love it as we should. That’s because many of us suffer from lactose intolerance following infancy. This is why many who are trying to pinpoint which foods are causing them digestive issues exclude dairy from their diet. Learn more about Whole 30: Elimination Diet here.
Whole 30, Paleo, vegan…you name the healthy lifestyle and we’ve covered it. At Thryve, we create shareable content on gut health trends that matter. We encourage you to share this content with your followers. If this message resonates with you, take it a step further and partner with us. Earn 10% commission by referring your followers to our services with the Thryve Affiliate Program.
Want to learn more about our microbiome testing and personalized probiotics? Interested in creating content that thousands of social media followers will see? We’d love to get to know you. Schedule a phone call or Skype session with CEO, Richard Lin here.

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