Feel You’re Gonna Break? You’re Not Alone.

One in four people combats a mental health disorder.. That is 450 million people. In America alone, mental health disorder diagnosis has increased 33% since 2013!  While defeat seems inevitable, it doesn’t need to be. The fact that we all kind of have an idea what the other is going through is actually helpful in defeating these disorders.
There’s no coincidence that the decline of mental health coincides with the rise of the industrial revolution. We’ve started eating foods full of additives. There’s a pill for every ailment under the sun. Not to mention, 1.9 billion adults are overweight. All of these things have done a number on our microbiome.
Nicole Beurkens, a licensed psychologist and certified nutrition specialist stated, “The research that’s been done so far really shows a lot of connections between gut health, the gut microbiome, and mental health symptoms.”  A study involving found that 64% of people with mild-to-moderate anxiety or depression saw improvements after taking a daily probiotic supplement for six weeks.
Truth of the matter is, if you’ve been struggling with a mental health disorder, you’ve probably been living with this burden for a while. You are not alone. As a human race, we’ve all damaged our guts together. Now, it’s time we reclaim our future as one.
Let us bear some of that weight for you. Remember to take your probiotic supplement today so you can concentrate on living your best life!

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