Feel Weak in the Knees…Not in the Loving Way?

Osteoarthritis affects 31 million people each year. Majority of people who suffer from this condition are obese. Therefore, specialists assumed that excess weight added wear and tear to joints, causing osteoarthritis. But…what about all the non-obese people who suffer from this debilitating condition? There has to be more than meets the eye. Well, there is. They’re the bugs in your gut and your eyes definitely cannot see them!
Studies found that just 12 weeks of a high-fat diet can leave a body void of beneficial probiotics such as Bifidobacteria. When the body is lacking these probiotics, it becomes prone to inflammation. If these good bacteria strains aren’t replenished then the inflammatory pain becomes chronic. After 12 weeks, this leads to osteoarthritis.
Obese or not, knee pain is a sign of inflammation. The best way to beat this pain is to fight fire with fire. Use healthy bacteria to take the harmful bacteria out. Ditch the cane and lean on a probiotic. Once you get your gut health on track, you’ll be running track-and-field in no time. Okay, maybe not so much. Baby steps…especially when weak knees are involved. 

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