Family History of Heart Disease? Look Inside You.

We are a product of our family. The good. The bad. The ugly. No, we’re not talking looks. We’re all beautiful. We’re talking the ugly…like their genetics. After all, we need our parents for their DNA.
Now that you clear that image out of your head, hear us out! Our parents’ genetics created us. We are made of 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each individual chromosome in these pairs came from a parent. Chromosomes contains many of the same genetics from your parents that you will inherit. However, there will be slight differences that make you…you!
We are born with many significant predispositions. Our parents’ vices can be ours. That includes poor heart health.
Just because you have a family history of heart disease doesn’t mean you need to accept this as your fate. Think to what the leading cause of this disease is and figure out how to combat it in your everyday life.
Scientific journals report, “Atherosclerosis is a leading cause of vascular disease worldwide.” Atherosclerosis is when a lifetime of fatty foods, high cholesterol, and refined sugars cause arteries to harden with plaque. This creates life-threatening blockages that may trigger a heart attack.
The best way to combat genetics and poor food choices? With microbes! Studies on patients diagnosed with high levels of atherosclerosis found toxic metabolites created by gut bacteria caused the condition. So, the best way to fight heart disease? Cleanse yourself of the toxicity in your life. Take your probiotic supplement today!

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