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Don’t Let Diarrhea Ruin Your Day!

There’s an old book we read as children called, Everybody Poops. Yeah, well…in some cases, some people poop too much. In fact, there are 179 million cases of acute diarrhea each year. That’s a whole lotta 💩!
Sadly enough, even the sources of the study say most of these cases are preventable. One of those ways to prevent diarrhea is by taking your daily probiotic supplement. That’s because healthy gut bacteria helps fight off one of the primary culprits behind diarrhea. This is the bacterium, Clostridium difficile.
Studies have found that “Probiotics were especially effective among participants taking two or more antibiotics and in settings where the risk of CDI was greater than five percent.”
These studies were performed in hospital environments. Seeing as up to 32% of hospital patients contract diarrhea, it’s a promising sign that probiotics can fight against such a strong case of Clostridium difficile. Just imagine how great probiotics would work in a much more controlled environment, like for instance…your own home?
Your home is probably free of more germs than any hospital (and if not, we know a good cleaning lady). If not, at least you are sittin’ in your own stank! Therefore, if probiotics can do wonders for hospital patients combating diarrhea, imagine how useful it can be for you. You know what? Don’t imagine. Find out for yourself. Take your probiotic supplement!

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