Courtney Jackson


Courtney is an accomplished nutrition and public health professional with a demonstrated history of working in the wellness and health industry. Skilled in health communications, product research and development, and program implementation, Courtney was one of the youngest students to graduate with both her Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Public Health degree.
Courtney is a licensed Nutritionist with the Washington State Department of Health and has worked as a dietary coach and supplement researcher for many years. Courtney has been featured on Nutri Ingredients and has written for eMediHealth. Courtney works with teams worldwide in Europe, Asia, and South America to bring personalization to the supplement industry.
Aside from nutrition, Courtney has a passion for public health and works part-time as a Healthcare Analyst where she reviews and codes public comments on new healthcare policies. Courtney has been featured on The Doe, highlighting limited government public health funding efforts and plans to pursue a role in government by running for city council in the 2022 election year.
Courtney believes volunteer work is important and sits on the board for Mercy Rains Africa, a non-profit raising funds for school children in Uganda, and has worked with the child sponsorship organization, Compassion International, for many years.
In her free time, you can find Courtney hiking, backpacking, or sipping a cup of green tea.


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